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Brazilian CoffeeSince our founding in 2011, we’ve been defining what’s possible in agribusiness supply chains for customers and partners around the world. We’ve grown to over $2 million in sales by providing reliable and diverse supply chain solutions for end users and suppliers of grain, oilseeds, food ingredients, animal feed ingredients, and pet food ingredients, with our networks and innovations in international trade and transportation. Our more than 10 members and partners operate from over 22 offices, grain elevators, and processing facilities in Africa, Europe, North America, and Asia. No matter where we work, everyone at Greenbelt Agro Farmers Group is committed to innovation and integrity in the business of farming, buying, selling, storing, handling, and processing, oilseeds into vegetable oils and animal feed.

 We grow about 7.2 million tons of Grains and oilseeds produced annually on 10.5 million hectares in more than 14 countries. The majority - about 38% of the grains and oilseeds - is produced in Central and South America. About 19% of the Grains produced Europe and 17% produced in Asia. The remainder, 26% is produced in Africa.

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GB Agro GroupCreating safe, reliable, and innovative agricultural supply chain solutions is our never-ending pursuit in any industry we serve.  From offices and facilities around the world, we farm, buy, sell, store, handle and process grain and oilseeds into vegetable oils and animal feed. We, as well as manage transportation and logistics worldwide through our specialized logistics partners. In everything we do, we put relationships first and always leave room for what’s possible.


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