Yellow Corn GMO

Yellow Corn GMO

In recent decades, GreenBelt Farmers has been among the largest yellow corn exporters and as one of the largest yellow corn producers in the world and, consequently, one of the main yellow corn producers, responsible for approximately 36% of the world exports of this commodity.

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Origin: Origin: Brazil, Thailand, India & South Africa

Yellow Corn Graded # 2 – shall conform with the following specifications and/or international standard specifications, fit for human consumption.

Yellow Corn GMOMoisture: 14.50% max.
Protein: 8% min.
Fat: 3.5% min.
Fiber: 2.7% min.
Total ash: 1.5 max.
Calcium: 0.03% min.
Phosphorus: 0.29% min.
Test Weight: 60kg/hl min.
Foreign Materials: 1.5% max.
Broken Kernels: 3% max.
Damaged Kernals: 5% max.
TDN (Total Digestible Nutrients): 80%.
NEL (Net Energy Lactation): 1.960 Mcal/kg.
NEG (Net Energy Gain): 1.730 Mcal/kg min.
TVN: 50mg / 100 max.
Aflatoxin: 20 PPB max.
E.Coli Count: Negative.
Samonella: Negative.
Mold Colony: 5 x 100,000 cpn/gr max Total Count: 5 x 100,000 max.

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