Yellow Corn

Yellow Corn

Brazil is the third largest producer and second largest exporter of corn.

Consistent Supply: For production 2027/28, 113.2 million tons and 139.7 million tons are projected as the upper limit of the projection.
Quality Composition: Maize producers are generally the same soybean producers. Thus, corn has a low production cost, competitive price and high quality.
Sustainable Approach: Brazilian farmers are increasing production and decreasing environmental impacts.

Logistics Capacity: Exports will increase and are expected to reach 50 million tons in 2018/19, to 86.2 million tons in 2027/28.
Main importers of Brazilian corn: Iran, Egypt, Spain, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea, Algeria, Japan, China, Taiwan, Dominican Republic and Bangladesh.


Yellow corn is a major source of starch and is the best suited for processing and feedstock for cattle and poultry and is available in bulk vessel, truck, rail or barge." style="float: left; margin-right: 20px; ">1. Yellow corn: Grade No.2
2. Humidity: maximum of 14%.
3. Broken grains and foreign materials: max 3%.
4. Damaged grains: max 3%.
5. Heat damaged grains: maximum 0.2%.
6. Aflatoxin should not exceed: 10 max ppm.
7. Protein: min 9%.
8. Harvest: 2019/2020
9. Animal nutrition: Appropriate
10. All kinds of molds: Free
11. Sprouted grains: Free
12. Insects (dead or alive): Free
13. Silica, sand: Free
14 heavy metals): Free
15 Smell of damage or mold: None

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